With the development of computer and software technologies and widespread in all areas, the education and training sector was positively affected by these developments. Thanks to the new tools, methods and components introduced, more effective, efficient and permanent learning methods have been discovered. Artificial intelligence technologies, which find their place in many fields and evolved into a different dimension with each passing day, have started to find a place in the field of education and training.

As a result, the number and level of interactive educational materials and mobile education technologies have started to increase day by day and make learning even easier and more effective. Visuality, large workspace, mobility, time saving, efficiency and convenience; just a few of the great advantages of next-generation educational technologies.

Itself; Synapsis Technology, positioned in the midst of modern educational technologies and developing products that will increase productivity and benefit in learning by using artificial intelligence in educational technologies; With its principled, responsible and rational approaches, it is committed to raising learning standards and interactivity to a higher level, contributing to the sector as a company that brings innovative approaches to education thanks to its young and dynamic team and continues its way by improving itself day by day.

Web and mobile platforms hosting online educational content, B2C broadcasting applications, smart board content platforms for teachers and educational institutions, digital broadcasting platforms, mobile question solution applications and digital content production, follow-up and reporting projects. Among the stakeholders of Synapsis Technology are Tonguç Academy Education and Technology, High Success Publications, Şenol Hoca Publications and Gri Koç Education Consultancy.